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I can't believe that we've finished our unit on Forces and Structures. We had great fun working on our structures. Here is a rememberance of our labour.

Well done Year 4B.

Interactive Cyber-Exercise

We have been practicing using conjunctions. As we learned in the cartoon (Conjunction Junction), the main conjunctions are: AND, BUT, OR. We were told in the video that they would get us "pretty far" - and that's the truth!

AND = addition BUT = opposite OR = choice

I've added another conjunction to our "must use" list: SO. It's a little harder to understand, but you are a clever bunch.

SO = result

There is an interactive exercise for you to try. Click on the word CONJUNCTION and you will be whisked away to a cyber-exercise. Good Luck!

(PS: Can you find our conjunctions (and, but, or, so) in the wordsearch?)

Project Legoburgh

Wow, the time is just flying by and we are working hard to learn all we can about forces and structures!

We are happy to share our latest endeavor - Project Legoburgh. This is a powerpoint presentation that has borrowed heavily from a webquest entitled: Budding Builders by K. Bence -

Please take a minute and activate the PowerPoint Presentation to see Year 4B's tasks for Friday, February 9 and Tuesday, February 13. We were really working hard (and enjoying it!!).

A special THANK YOU goes to Miss Tracy who came across the WebQuest that this ppt is based on.

Maths Links

By popular demand I am including the maths links that we visited today. They were fun and we learned a lot about 3-D Shapes. Visit them often!

Conjunction Junction!

I think we have adverbs under control so we're off on another grammar adventure. This time we will be finding out all we can about conjunctions.

Check out this cool video! This is just what we need to begin our journey of knowledge!

Click here for the song lyrics

All aboard!

Task 1 - Poetry

In our first online writing task, we will take a look at the future. . .

Follow the model:
When I look into the future
There is/are . . .
There is/are . . .
There is/are . . .
But there isn't/aren't any . . .

Example 1:
When I look into the future
There are robots
There are aliens
There are saucers in the sky
But there aren't any birds.

Example 2:
When I look into the future
There's a memory stick in my head
There's a tracking device under my feet
There's a monitor behind my eyes
But there isn't a computer

You get the idea. Now it's your turn. Have fun!!!!!!!!!

Click here to view 4B's creativity (to read the poems)

Procedure Writing

Writing is an important means of communication. When writing procedures/instructions/recipes/directions we must be clear and concise.

The template we are using is as follows:

1) First, state an objective or goal or purpose.

2) Then, list the materials (or ingredients) needed. List them in the order
of use.

3) Next, list the steps needed to complete the task. Must be listed in order!

4) Finally, if the instructions are for a scientific experiment list the results.

Remember to use transitional words (first, second, third, next, then, after
that, finally, etc.).

It's that easy!

Get Well Soon Mrs. Bradford

Year 4B is sending well wishes to Mrs. Bradford! We each made a "get well" card to show her how much we care about her. Get well soon, Mrs. Bradford! We miss you!

(To view our art work and creativity please check out the flickr badge in the column to the right.)

Introductions . . .

Carer (Becoming a Care-taker) - a 2nd term goal

This is the start of a brand new year. This morning we explored what it meant to be a "carer", that is, to think of others and their needs and what it means to take care of someone else. Each of us reflected on this topic and wrote in our journal just what it meant to be a "carer".

Below, please let us introduce ourselves and our personal reflection/definition of a "carer".

Please click on the to hear the message.



Carolina Silva


Mariana F. (Manani)

Carolina (Carrie)






Mariana N.(Marilu)




Mariana P.








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